Sunday, April 5, 2009

Who Crucified My Lord?

The answer is me. This is really hard to face. But God has made it clear to me today. Today is Palm Sunday. It is the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem for passover and then to die on the cross. Today we studied the Passion of our Lord. Listening to His passion brought me to that moment. The moment Jesus wept for us. The love He has is overwhelming. Here He is. He is about to die. And that is not His concern. His concern is the reason He had to die. He is concerned for our lives. He knows that due to sin, we struggle and struggle and struggle to find peace, love and happiness. We struggle against outside forces and inside forces. And sometimes we do not end up on His side. We don't end up in His love. And He wept.

The sanhedrin led the people to distrust and reject Jesus which resulted in his crucifixion. They were the typical human beings. They were too proud to acknowledge Jesus' authority. They were too self involved to look at the bigger picture. They were so involved with going through the motions that they missed the miracle that was standing in their midst. They didn't want to give up their power. They didn't want to become humble. They would not open their hearts to God's love. These human traits(or sins)are what led them to nail Jesus to a cross and watch him die.

And these are the same traits I struggle with every day. During this lent, we have been challenged to die to ourselves. Dying to these traits will free us to walk closer with Him. If I give in and allow myself to take credit when I shouldn't, or be too proud to admit a mistake, or take control when I should put it on the alter, then up goes the wall between me and my God. I become one of those people 2000 years ago, standing in the crowd, chanting for Jesus to be crucified. How can He forgive me? It's a Love that my sinful, human self is still trying to comprehend.

Here are the lyrics to a hymn that really spoke to me today:

How Could You Say No?
by Mickey cates, Brown Bannister, and Billy Spraque

Thorns on his head, spear in his side;
Yet it was a heartache that made him cry.
He gave His life so you would understand.
Is there any way you could say "no" to this man?

If Christ Himself were standin' here;
His face full of glory, His eyes full of tears;
and He reached out His arms with His nailed-printed hands,
is there any way you could say "no" to this man?

How could you look into His tear-stained eyes
knowing that it's you He's thinking of?
Could you tell Him you're not ready now to give Him your life?
Could you say that you don't think you need His love?

Jesus is here, with His arms open wide.
You can see Him with your heart, if you'll stop lookin' with your eyes.
He's left it up to you; He's done all that He can.
Is there anyway you could say no to this man?

Thorns on His head, your life in His hands,
Is there any way you could say no to this man?

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