Friday, April 10, 2009


As a former Southern Baptist and convert to Catholicism, I have some things that I need to rationalize and rethink. As a child, I was taught that there are some teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church that are wrong. One of those is the Crucifix. I remember asking an adult why do Catholics use a Crucifix and we use just a cross. I was told that we(Southern Baptists) like to concentrate on the risen Lord and not upon His death. The Glory is in His Resurrection, not His death.

They are right in the sense that there is tremendous glory in His Resurrection. But there is so much value in understanding, and meditating upon His Passion. His death was the ultimate act of Love. Through His passion, I understand how He suffered so that I may have life. Through his passion, I can begin to contemplate his supernatural Love for humanity. Even though he faced rejection on so many levels, He still willingly laid down His life for His friends. In His Passion, I find His Love. And even though it isn't pleasing to the eye, the Crucifix is pleasing to my heart.

Last night when I walked out of mass, the moon was red. Tonight when I walked out of mass, I could smell the rain. It is interesting how creation recognizes His Passion during Holy week.

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