Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Have Been Reconciled

Well, I went. I waited in a long line. I had an hour to keep thinking and rethinking everything I thought I should say. And to get more nervous. But, I must admit it was very much worth while. And it was good- no great. It was surreal to hear a flesh and blood person tell me what God has been telling me in prayer. I haven't shared any of what God has been telling me with anyone and for all of it to come pouring out of the Priest's mouth was a little jaw dropping. God knows me well and he knows the obvious must hit me square in the forehead in order for me to "get it."

Got it, God. Thanks for loving me enough to go the extra mile to make the obvious dance out in front of me in bright, pretty colors. I must be an exasperating project. Not only is Your Love unfathomable, but so is Your patience. I promise not to wait another 10 years. I will go when You tell me to go. I am second.

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