Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Ongoing Journey

I can't hide it under a basket anymore. It's been under the basket for 10 years or so. I left it under there while I was busy planning my life. I sat on that basket, made my plans and made myself miserable. As my plans unraveled, God was there to pick up all the pieces. Even though I ignored Him for all these years, He is here for me now. Even though His call has fallen on my deaf ears for so long, He is here for me now. He was always waiting. And He is holding all of my unravelled plans in His pierced hands and asking me to trust Him. And now He wants me to get rid of the basket. I have to hand it over. He wants my wilted and pitiful light to shine. My naked and vulnerable light to shine for all of you to see. He wants me to be bold. He wants me to carry out His plan for my life. A plan that I feel is very ambitious. A plan that I am not worthy of living. But, nevertheless, it is His plan. And His call is to trust Him- to love Him.

I am Southern Baptist by birth, but called and drawn to the Catholic faith. Fascinated by the Catholic faith. I know that I am called by Him to the Catholic faith. I am very much like a fish out of water. I deserted one church for the call of another. The ones I have left, do not understand me. The ones whom I now worship with do not understand me. But I know He does. And He is calling me to trust Him. To walk down this very uncertain path with no one to lead the way but Him. And He is asking you to pray for me.