Friday, January 2, 2009

My Resolve

Well, here I am staring down another year of my life. It is hard to believe that it is 2009. It seems like just yesterday my father in law was sneaking us into Epcot loaded down apple juice and water bottles filled with Gin and vodka after illegally parking at one of the ritzy Disney hotels so we could ring in the new millennium in style. Almost 10 years has gone by. It seems like a second.

It is that time of year where one looks back and takes inventory of life and decides to re-chart, renew or just forget. As I stand on this precipice, what will I decide? How is it going so far? I know one thing for sure- I am getting old. 31. It is hard to believe that I am not in my 20s any more. What happened to my 20s? I lost them a year and a half ago. Obviously, I have still not come to terms with the fact that they are gone and I can not get them back. So, I may as well just forget them.

So, how should a 31 year old mother of two proceed? What should I be doing with this life? What should I renew or re-chart? I guess I should figure out where I am first. I live in suburbia in a nice neighborhood with a wonderful man who loves me and is married to me and two marvelous boys. I have great friends and a great job. It is hard to decide to change any of that since it is all so much more than I could have asked for. But the question is- Am I really living my life? Am I getting as much out of this life as possible? What kind of resolutions can I make to really live?
  • Resolution #1- Exercise

I make this one a resolution every year so I may as well start of the list with it. So far, my pattern has been to exercise until my schedule gets tough and then quit until summer where I start again with renewed and guilt laden vigor and then give up when school starts and I become a marching band widow. So, I declare it now to all of you-all of these excuses for not exercising are just excuses! I am going to do it. If I blog about it, then maybe I actually will do it. All year. My goal is to run a half marathon. Maybe it will happen this year. I hope I am not too old.

  • Resolution #2 Have more quiet time

This past year I started having my quiet time again. It is nice to sit with God each day. It is comforting to imagine me in his arms as we waltz around the dance floor of my life. It is nice to quiet my mind and feed my spirit. I will do more of this. It makes life easier.

  • Resolution #3 Drink more Wine

They say that wine is good for you. So I say that I will drink more of it. And enjoy it.

  • Resolution #4 Sit down

My Mom says that watching me makes her tired. Sometimes, she will examine my butt to see where the spring is. I tell everyone that I am too ADD to sit down and concentrate on something like a movie. When I sit down, I think of all the things I could be doing. There is always a list... So this year, I say out with the list! I am sitting down with my glass of wine and I am enjoying the movie. No matter how hard it is for me. I am going to sit down. (My Mom is going to be dumbfounded).

  • Resolution #5 Have more sex

My husband will like this one. So, how did this come about you ask? Gerry and I were reading the paper one Sunday morning and there was an article about a pastor who put forth a challenge to his congregation- have sex for seven days in a row(we assume he meant with your spouse). Now, I know that my younger readers with no children will find this challenge not so challenging, but for us it was something we really had to work at. We have two young children and Gerry works all the time. Making time and finding energy for it was a challenge. But we tried it. We made it six days and then Gerry came down with some kind of virus (I hope it wasn't related to the sex). But really, it was good for us. It was a very nice six days. We definitely need more sex. I highly recommend it.

  • Resolution #6 Give up control

I like to be in control. Of everything. I am a control freak. Everyone around me knows it. So this year, I am going to give up some control. I will let my kids clean up after themselves and compliment their attempt without redoing it while they sleep. I will let my husband do the dishes more often and tell him thank you instead of re-washing it all. I will also let him fold laundry and resist the urge to re-fold or re-hang everything. Basically, I will let people do things for me and I will be gracious and enjoy the fact that I didn't have to do it. (The wine resolution will help with this one.)

Now that I have made my resolutions, I am eager to see how the year will unfold. Will Ben learn to use the potty? Will Max stop chewing everything up? Will I enjoy working for myself in my own home daycare? Will Little Gerry finally make a goal in soccer? Will my husband finally get a raise? I don't know what the year will bring but I do know one thing- I will enjoy living it.


KTpole said...

I'm in on the half marathon thing with you this year. No you are not too old because I am much older than you and I am doing it. Here's to us (holding up a glass of wine).

Vance said...

Exercise is good. Not that I ever had severe weight issues, but keeping in shape is always a good idea. I started up at Slidell's Athletic Club (not coincidentally) the same month I turned 30, and have been pretty good about going ever since. My last physical came back great! Not to mention that being in shape certainly helps when you are single and looking. :) Sue was worried that I would look like the comic book guy from the Simpsons, or Eric Cartman from South Park, based on her cousin's description of me. All he told her was that I liked computers and video games...I can see where that would create some dread for a blind date. :)