Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Gift of Faith

Faith has been a complicated issue my whole life. I always thought faith was something you strive to have. It was something that you found in yourself. If you were a good christian, then you had faith. You worked hard and unearthed the faith from deep inside yourself. I have learned that this is not true. Faith is not something we posses innately. Faith is given to us. God, the Holy Spirit gives us faith. Jesus tells us to come to him like a child. All we do is come and he gives us the faith.

In my Catholic journey, I have asked myself and I have been asked by my Protestant brothers and sisters how can you believe_____________? I just do. I have been given the faith. Though I am completely unworthy of it, I have been given the faith. It isn't something I have to muster up inside. It doesn't come from me. I don't need proof or a complicated justification from the written word. God has given me the faith to believe and I do. He has opened my eyes and I have to believe. It's not a choice. And to give myself over to the gift of faith is so rewarding. To know that this is the Truth is so comforting. To silence the doubting, questioning little devil on my shoulder is ever so freeing. Now I can concentrate on God's work- to share my faith- to worship in the tradition developed over 2000 years of Christianity- to grow closer to my Lord.

Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift of Faith so I can know you on a level I never thought possible. Your Love leaves me speechless.

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