Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sanity/Kitchen Update

Well, things are getting there. I have to hold onto that. For Christmas, we had painted cabinets with new hardware. However, the drawers on one side didn't work yet so all my Tupperware was in the office for the holiday season. And the garbage cabinet wasn't ready either which wasn't that big of a deal. The doors on the new cabinets above the old cabinets were not installed. And, to my great relief, the granite guy was found in Galveston. He was putting a new roof on his sister's hurricane damaged home.

So, my contractor came back today to do finish up the cabinet work which looks awesome. And I love the garbage in a cabinet so toddlers and puppies can't get to it. But he gave me a bit of bad news. The granite guy whom he spoke with on Monday about coming this week to do my counter tops, had a massive heart attack on Tuesday. He is alive. He has undergone a triple bypass. And he has been unconscious since the heart attack. And he is the only one who knows where my granite is (his son is trying to find it). I know that my granite is the least of the problem. Of course we are all more concerned about his well being. He is a very nice man and it would be tragic if he did not recover. So to say the least, the granite guy and his family need your prayers. I am reminded that sometimes there are things that are bigger than my insanity and the world doesn't revolve around my plans.

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