Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in a million directions? I do. Man, do I ever. I am a wife, a mother, and a caregiver for other people's precious little angels just to name a few. The time that my husband's job demands requires me to be on call for our family 24/7 it seems. Finding time for myself is out of the question. So how am I suppose to find time for my God? Or time for my family? Or time for the commitments he has laid before me at the church I have been called to? Or time for the friends he has placed in my path? It's all a big balancing act, or is it?

This Sunday, the gospel reading was about the story of Jesus calming the storm while He and the disciples traveled in the boat on the sea of Galilee. The disciples were afraid of the storm and they were astounded that Jesus was sleeping through the whole frightening event. They woke him and asked him what should they do. Jesus was frustrated with them for having little faith and he immediately calmed the storm to lessen their fears.

That got me thinking about all the times in my life when I asked Jesus to calm the storm. Should the calm be what I focus my prayers upon? Or should I have the faith that God has a purpose to the storm? The storm may be there to draw me to a new level in my spiritual life. The storm may be there to bring about God's kingdom. I am sad to think of all the times when I have asked Jesus to calm the storm instead of embracing the storm with the faith that God's Will is bigger than my life. How many times have I missed the step to the next level? How awesome would it be if I just danced with God in the rain and trusted that He will keep me close to Him? Faith, hope and love is what I should be praying for.

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